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Queen and Drone Rearing the BEST Way

Queen Rearing Mobile is a timelines based Queen and Drone rearing application. Using Queen Rearing Mobile is simple: create a timeline and the application guides you through the process with reminders.

Reminders are issued to your device for each timeline event. For example with the Queen Rearing Timeline you're reminded when it is time to check your grafts. Of course, reminders are optional.

As it takes up to 40 days to raise queens, Queen Rearing Mobile also provides Accelerated Timelines so you can test out entire timelines in a matter of minutes rather than days, so you know exactly what to expect!

The Queen and Drone rearing timelines were created in collaboration with Thom Carey, author of My Hive Tool's "Queen Rearing the BEST Way" queen and drone rearing calendar. Queen Rearing Mobile assumes basic knowledge of raising queens; for educational material, please visit T&S Bee Farm.



Simply put, a Timeline is a linear representation of important events in the order in which they occur.


An Event is a point on a timeline that demands work, observation, or both. For example in a Queen Rearing Timeline the Check for Emergence event demands observation whereas the Move Cells event demands work.

Most events provide data points. For example the Queen Rearing Timeline Move Cells event provides the following data points:

  • Number of Cells Moved
  • Number of Cells Sold
  • Number of Cells Discarded
Every event provides a Note data point for you to enter information outside the standard data points.

Conclude Event

When an Event's work and/or observation has been satisfied, concluding the Event cancels its reminder and moves the timeline forward to the next event and allows you to setup an Event Reminder for the next event.

Event Reminder

Event reminders do just that - remind you of a Timeline Event requiring your attention.

When starting a Timeline a reminder for the first future Event is registered with your device (tablet, phone etc.). Reminders fire daily until the Event in question is concluded or you have completed the Timeline. Each time an Event is concluded, you have the option of creating a Reminder for the next Event.

Event Reminders begin firing on the day of the Event; you control at what time the Event Reminder is triggred.


Entering Event data, notes and creating Event Reminders is optional. For example if you're only interested in being reminded of Timeline Events, simply conclude each event in kind without entering any data.

Timelines are designed for maximum flexibility - at any time you may enter/alter Event data points and conclude an Event.

Conclude Timeline

Once a Queen Timeline is concluded, visiting that Timeline provides a Summary. From the Queen Timeline Summary you may visit the Timeline to review and change any Event data. Drone Timelines do not provide a summary.

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Queen Rearing

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